Demetrius Valen


Name: Names are so formal don't you think? Lets talk about you instead.
Concept: Con-artist
Race: Human
Discipline (Circle): Thief (2)
Legend Points: 150 / 750


Money can buy a lot of things. Security, peace, freedom… most of all it can buy happiness. Oh come now, don't look at me like that. I know what the troubadours and playwrights say "Money can not buy happiness" but I can assure you that this is a falsehood perpetuated by the have-not's to comfort the have-less's. A starving man feels no joy yet a man sated is open to all the pleasures of the world and sadly a Happy beggar does not get to eat.

While I long for the day when poverty breeds contentment and wealth contempt where I will spend my days destitute, drunken and joyful in the gutter, but until that old adage comes true then I shall have to continue Working. I see you snickering, do you think what I do is not work? Do you think dowries collect themselves? Were it not for me doing what I do, then that money would find itself in the hands of a real nobleman, and do you think he would be sitting here, talking with you fine people and drinking this swill? Of course not! He would horde it in a vault with the rest of his wealth and none of you would see a single copper of it! So I play my part by redistributing the wealth. I pay my taxes just like everyone else, and if some high and mighty nobleman is going to hold a banquet with my hard earned money then it is only fair that I get to attend… and perhaps partake of his daughter for desert! Fine fine! That last part was a lie, I have never paid taxes but I am sure you my plump and red faced friend have. So here I am drinking in your fine establishment and sharing with you the former wealth of Lady Kenton. That reminds me, another round if you will barkeep! And do you have any more of those little sausages wrapped in that delightful pastry?


Age: 24
Hair: Shoulder length, Black, Silken
Skin: Olive, soft and well kept. Hands are always in gloves.
Eyes: Dark Green
Height: 6 ft
Weight: 145lbs

He is dressed in hardened leather armor that has been seamlessly interwoven with a black satin and velvet doublet trimmed with silver, and walks with a black cane topped with a silver orb.

Defining quote

…and this must be the lovely lady of whom I have heard so much.


16 (7)
13 (6)
10 (5)
13 (6)
11 (5)
16 (7)

Derived Stats

  • Initiative: 7
  • Encumbrance: / 110
  • Karma Modifier: 5 (5/5)
  • Movement Rate: 6


  • Physical Defense: 9
  • Spell Defense: 7
  • Social Defense: 9
  • Physical Armor: 8
  • Mystic Armor: 1


  • Death Rating: 31
  • Unconsciousness Rating: 22
  • Wound Threshold: 8
  • Recovery Tests (per day): 2


Talent Name Action Type Strain Attribute Rank Step
Melee Weapons NA 0 Dex 2 9
Karma Ritual NA 0 NA 2 2
Lock Picking Standard 0 Dex 2 9
Picking Pockets Standard 0 Dex 2 9
Silent Walk Simple 0 Dex 2 9
Trap Initiative Free 1 Dex 2 9
Detect Trap Standard 1 Dex 0 7
First Impressions Standard 0 Cha 0 7
Versatility NA NA NA NA NA

V: = Versatility Talent


Skill Name Action Type Strain Attribute Rank Step
Knowledge: Court Dancing Standard 0 Per 1 7
Knowledge: Gambling Standard 0 Per 1 7
Artisan: Acting Standard 0 Cha 2 9
Read /Write Language Free 0 Per 1 7
Speak Language Free 0 Per 2 8
Flirting Sustained 0 Cha 1 8
Seduction Sustained 0 Cha 3 10
Avoid Blow Free 1 Dex 1 8
Diplomacy Sustained 0 Cha 1 8
Etiquette Sustained 0 Cha 1 8

Spoken Languages:

Read/Write Languages:


Damage: 5
Size: 3
Weight: 4

Damage: 2
Size: 1
Weight: 1

Ranged Weapon Template
Short Range:
Long Range:

Exquisite Hardened Leather
Physical Armor: 5
Mystic Armor: 0
Initiative Penalty: 1

Exquisite Footman's Shield
Physical Armor: 3
Mystic Armor: 0
Initiative Penalty: 1
Deflection Bonus: 2/0
Shatter Threshold: 19
Weight: 10


5 silver

Adventurers Kit
Artisan Tools (Actor)
Disguise Kit
Trail Rations (1 week)
Thieves Picks and Tools