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Name: "Pastel" Windblossom
Concept: Artistic Storyteller
Race: Windling
Discipline (Circle): Troubadour (First)
Legend Points: 650/650


'Pastel' was born in a small village near the Delaris mountains, to her formerly adventurous parents. She lost her father early on to bad case of mid-life crisis combined with a lethal case of curiosity, but her mother was more than strong enough to bring her up. She was always an imaginative and curious child, taking after her father to quite a degree - soon falling in with a traveling Troubadour who happened to be passing through her town. Her leaving was never a surprise, and before she left to train with her master, her mother gave her two parting gifts - a bow so she can defend herself from a distance, and her father's 'sword', an ornate dagger that was gifted to him long ago.


Rather short, even for a Windling, her lithe build is still held tall with pride - aah… figuratively speaking. With sparkling, mischievous violet eyes that are constantly looking for a new experience. Her long, vibrantly red hair - just this side of pink - is pulled back into a large, poofy ponytail that bares a close resemblance to a rooster's tail. Her skin is rather unique - even for her particular race. Her skin is a dark, reddish brown color, similar to the clay that made up her home - but due to a birth defect, her coloration never changed over time - not fully. She's instead mottled with a variety of other colors down her arms and back - in part from the paints she uses on a daily basis, and in part because of the various towns and villages she's visited over the last several years. She wears a very brightly colored traveling outfit, with a lightly feathered cloak.

Defining quote

And as they turned, they saw the most beautiful waterfall, it was… it was… ooohh, shiny bauble!


16 (7)
5 (3)
10 (5)
16 (7)
12 (5)
17 (7)

Derived Stats

  • Initiative: 6
  • Encumbrance: 14lb 3oz/25lb
  • Mystic Armor: 1
  • Karma Modifier: 6
  • Movement Rate: 3 Land/8 Flight


  • Physical Defense: 11 (+2 Race)
  • Spell Defense: 9
  • Social Defense: 9


  • Current Health: 0 (Damage) 0 (Strain) 0 (Total) 0 (Wound)
  • Death Rating: 31
  • Unconsciousness Rating: 22
  • Wound Threshold: 8
  • Recovery Tests (per day): 2


Talent Name Action Type Strain Attribute Rank Step
Astral Sight Simple 1 Perception 1 8 (1+7)
* First Impression Standard 0 Charisma 2 9 (2+7)
* Impress Standard 1 Charisma 1 8 (1+7)
* Item History Standard 0 Perception 1 8 (1+7)
* Karma Ritual N/A (30 Mins) 0 N/A 1 1
* Mimic Voice Simple 0 Charisma 2 9 (2+7)
Emotion Song Sustained 0 Charisma 1 8 (1+7)


Skill Name Action Type Strain Attribute Rank Step
Barsaive History (Knowledge) Standard 0 Perception 1 8 (1+7)
Horror Lore (Knowledge) Standard 0 Perception 1 8 (1+7)
Entertainer (Storytelling) Sustained 0 Charisma 1 8 (1+7)
Speak Language (Throalic, Windling) Standard 1* Perception 2 9 (2+7)
Read/Write Language (Throalic) Standard 1* Perception 1 8 (1+7)
Artist (Painting) Sustained 0 Charisma 1 8 (1+7)
Bribery Standard 0 Charisma 1 8 (1+7)
Dead Fall Simple 1 Will 1 6 (1+5)
Diplomacy Sustained 0 Charisma 1 8 (1+7)
Distract Standard 1 Charisma 1 8 (1+7)
Haggle Sustained 0 Charisma 1 8 (1+7)
Lip Reading Standard 2 Charisma 1 8 (1+7)
Missile Weapon Standard 0 Dexterity 1 8 (1+7)
Rhetoric Sustained 0 Perception 1 8 (1+7)
Seduction Sustained 0 Charisma 1 8 (1+7)


Dagger-Sword of Hapsith Windblossom
An heirloom from her father, who happened to be a far more physical adventurer than she was, it has ornate etchings across the blade, and fine feathers attached to the pommel. Mostly kept on her person as a decorative emergency measure.
Damage: 2
Size: 1
Weight: 1
Windling Bow
Crafted by her mother in order to keep her safe on her travels.
Damage: 3
Size: 2
Short Range: 2-24
Long Range: 25-48
Weight: 14 oz
Hardened Leather Armor
Ornately etched and colorful leather armor, purchased before leaving her hometown.
Physical Armor: 5
Mystic Armor: 0
Initiative Penalty: 1
Weight: 4

Teeny Tiny Adventurer's Kit (Backpack, Bedroll, Flint & Steel, Torch, Waterskin, Large Sack) 2 lb, 12 oz,
Standard Sized Artisan Tools (Paints, Canvas, Etc) 2 lbs,
Teeny Tiny Traveler's Garb (Soft Boots, Shirt, Belt, Skirt, Traveler's Cloak)
18 Windling Bow Arrows 8 oz,
Standard Sized Writing Ink (Vial) 8 oz,
Teeny Tiny Trail Rations (1 Week) 1 lb 9 oz
9s Teeny Tiny Wide Brimmed Red Hat with Feather - Weight Negligible

108 Silver Peices

Personal Notes

Impressed Nobleman in Travar - check with his household upon returning to see about potential additional incomes for performing at parties.

Character Journal

1st Adventure

//Arrived in Travar, and set about working the locals for income after being nearly rendered broke after my long journey. Wound up meeting a fun group of adventurers, one of whom gave me a silver coin that really seemed to turn my luck around.
After which, I found an Inn that seemed to be a good location to set up shop. I really impressed them my first day, after which my storytelling just improved over the 3 days that I spent there. At the end of which, a rather nice Nobleman offered to let me work at his home for parties.
As an aside, two of my new companions kicked each other's asses. But I got a keen hat because of the fight inspiring that… indirectly.
In a month, there is going to be a competition - The Founding - where we will be able to prove ourselves before the crowds, as well as help raise a particular nobleman into the position of Founder. Maybe it will be my noble Noble? Only time will tell.
We will be setting out shortly to fight the Bandits that have been harassing the area. After which, we'll look further into the whole issue of these giant monster worms and the Nethermancer that seems to be riling them up. After which… who knows? All I can say is my new friends are going to be an interesting lot. This will make one hell of a story someday. //

2nd Adventure

There was no second adventure. We didn't do anything. Nope. Did not get ambushed by bandits. Did not get utterly humiliated. I did not get knocked out of the sky, and then stomped on. And I didn't spend the best part of the next day sitting in a basket in a cell room. Nope. Nothing happened. We stayed in town, and I performed more. And… we helped with a small rat swarm. That's what happened.