Vai Ammar


Name: Vai Ammar
Concept: Elven Swordmaster, confident but quiet
Race: Elf
Discipline (Circle): Swordmaster (1)
Legend Points: 900/1900


Vai grew up in Barsaive without any parents or anybody to look up to. He did odd jobs for the eternally passing-through sailors, and one day he was cleaning up an old factory with several other urchins. The overseer saw the grace and dance in his action, and how he seemed to have an instinctual grasp of movement, and thus decided to take him in as an apprentice. In time, he grew to be a swordmaster, and having completed his training is now a freelancer, willing to sell his sword to anybody who has money.


Vai has bright white skin, cobalt hair, and blazing red eyes. He wears a suit of tight-fitting padded leather armor over his 6'2'' frame, and has a scabbard at his side and a buckler on his hip. When not otherwise occupied, he tends to whittle small figurines out of wood. He holds himself as a coiled spring - relaxed, but ready to spring into motion at any time.


17 (7)
12 (5)
13 (6)
14 (6)
12 (5)
16 (7)

Derived Stats

  • Initiative: 7
  • Encumbrance: /95
  • Mystic Armor: 1
  • Karma Modifier: 4
  • Movement Rate: 7


  • Physical Defense: 9
  • Spell Defense: 8
  • Social Defense: 9


  • Current: 2
  • Death Rating: 35
  • Unconsciousness Rating: 27
  • Wound Threshold: 9
  • Recovery Tests (per day): 2


Talent Name Action Type Strain Attribute Rank Step
Karma Ritual N/A 0 N/A 2 5
Maneuver Standard 0 Dex 2 9
Melee Weapons Standard 0 Dex 3 10
Avoid Blow Free 1 Dex 3 9
Acrobatic Strike1 Simple 2 Dex 1 8
Parry Free 1 Dex 2 9


Skill Name Action Type Strain Attribute Rank Step
Dancing Sustained 0 Cha 1 8
Carving (Whittling) Sustained 0 Cha 2 9
Climbing Standard 0 Dex 1 8
Disarm2 Standard 1 Dex 2 9
Riposte3 Free 2 Dex 2 9
Speak Dwarf (Throalic) Standard 14 Per 1 7
Speak Elf Standard 15 Per 1 7
Read/Write Dwarf (Throalic) Standard 16 Per 1 7


This weapon was chosen by Vai early in his tutelage, and accompanies him wherever he goes. It is slightly curved to the concave, and is double-edged for the ability to use more unconventional maneuvers in combat. It has a simple hilt in design, but has been intricately carved over years by Vai.
Damage: 5
Size: 3
Weight: 4
This is a plain knife, used for utility.
Damage: 1
Size: 1
Weight: 10 oz.
Padded Leather Armor
This is regular padded leather armor, being soft and supple enough not to impede movement while being strong enough to repel attacks.
Physical Armor: 4
Mystic Armor: 0
Initiative Penalty: 0
This buckler is carved with the same patterns as the hilt of Vai's blade. The two are a matched pair in most respects.
Physical Armor: 1
Mystic Armor: 0
Initiative Penalty: 0
Deflection Bonus: +1/+0
Shatter Threshold: 17
Weight: 3

1 week Rations
1 week Fruit
Whittling blocks of various sizes and shapes

SP: 273
CP: 12